The Great Passion Play is a nonprofit organization that is funded by donations, business sponsorships, ticket and merchandise sales. We thank you for your faithful support of America's #1 Outdoor Drama!

  • Website Sponsorship
  • Play Bill Sponsorship
  • Ticket Confirmation Page Sponsorship
  • Day Sheet Sponsorship
  • Park Map Sponsorship 
  • The Great Passion Play Brochure Sponsorship
  • Back of Ticket Sponsorship Box Office (Onsite)

Sponsorship Options

  • Website Banner Ad

    Website Banner Ad

    size is 235 pixels by 235 pixels
    limited availability
    spot runs for one year

    Price $500.00

  • Playbill Sponsorship

    Playbill Sponsorship

    Given to everyone attending the Play

    Price $500.00

  • Online Printed Ticket Sponsorship

    Online Printed Ticket Sponsorship

    Quarter Ad (225px X 30px)
    20,000 to 25,000 tickets

    Price $500.00

  • Day Sheet Sponsorship

    Day Sheet Sponsorship

    Given to every vehicle that visits on Play Days
    Front Page - List of events & times for the day
    Back Page - Sponsorship information

    Price $500.00

  • Park Map Sponsorship

    Park Map Sponsorship

    Given to every vehicle that visits on Non-Play Days
    Park Map/Information with Sponsorship information included

    Price $500.00

  • Brochure Sponsorship

    Brochure Sponsorship

    distributed with Randy Langover's brochure delivery (covers all of Arkansas & Southwest Missouri)
    distributed with Family Fun Track Brochure Delivery (Branson, Missouri and surrounding areas
    Includes enhanced listing on the website with picture or video with links and phone numbers as well.
    (Also includes having your rack cards/brochures in our gift shop which is open all year long except on Sundays.)

    Price $750.00

  • Passion Play Box Office Ticket Sponsorship

    Passion Play Box Office Ticket Sponsorship

    1/4 Ticket Area (1.5" wide by 1.25" high) ($999)
    100,000 tickets that we use until they are gone.

    Price $999.00


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